It's Only a Lie if No One Believes You

Blair Brennan and Kris Lindskoog

It's Only a Lie if No One Believes You, 2010 Mixed media installation Dimension : variable

"It's Only a Lie if No One Believes You", a title appropriated from the work of Canadian poet Alden Nowlan (1933 - 1983), is appropriate as both these visual artists share an interest in poetry that ranges from canons of English and Canadian poetry to the lyrics of country, blues and bluegrass songs. These artists also share an idiosyncratic (at times doodle-like) drawing style, frequent use of text in their art work and a distinctive style of installation art that favors found or utilitarian objects. This project will build on previous works by both artists and will feature Lindskoog's drawings and Brennan’s branding irons (not unlike cattle brands) and branded text. This collaborative installation work incorporates these and other elements and presents a story "written" (burned) on gallery walls and works on paper. "It's Only a Lie if No one Believes You" examines ideas of language and story and attempts to disrupt the controlling structure and restrictive logic of language.

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